EN: Raw avocado and date tart

Ingredients for 1 portion: 1 ripe avocado, 4 dates.

Preparation time: 5 min

How to prepare it: Grate the avocado finely. Slice the dates in small cubes. Add most of the date cubes to the avocado paste and mix. Give the avocado paste a round shape with a kitchen shape tool. Decorate the avocado tart with the remaining date cubes. Enjoy!

RO: Tarta de avocado si curmale

Ingrediente pentru o portie: un avocado copt, 4 curmale.

Timp de preparare: 5 min

Cum prepari: Razi avocado fin. Feliezi curmalele in cuburi mici. Adaugi majoritatea cuburilor de curmale in pasta de avocado si amesteci. Dai pastei de avocado o forma rotunda cu o forma de bucatarie. Cu restul de cuburi de curmale decorezi tarta de avocado. Pofta buna!