EN: Oyster mushrooms and pomegranate salad
For 1 portion: 1/2 salad, 1/2 casserole oyster mushrooms, 3 Tsp pomegranate seeds, 4 pinches of nutmeg, 4 pinches of lemongrass, 4 pinches of salt.
Preparation time: 7 min
Slice the oyster mushrooms and fry them in oil for 5 min with 2 pinches of salt, 2 pinches of lemongrass and 2 pinches of nutmeg.
Slice the salad.
Place the salad and the fried mushrooms in a bowl. Add the pomegranate, 2 pinches of salt, 2 pinches of lemongrass, 2 pinches of nutmeg and mix.


RO: Salata de ciuperci pleurotus cu rodie
Pentru o portie: 1/2 caserola ciuperci pleurotus, 1/2 salata, 3 linguri seminte rodie, 4 prafuri sare, 4 prafuri nucsoara, 4 prafuri lemongrass.
Timp de preparare: 7 min
Feliaza ciupercile si prajeste-le 5 min in ulei cu 2 prafuri sare, 2 prafuri nucsoara, 2 prafuri lemongrass.
Feliaza salata.
Pune ciupercile si salata intr-un bol. Adauga 2 prafuri sare, 2 prafuri nucsoara si 2 prafuri lemongrass. Amesteca ingredientele.

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